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Simply put, we intend to grow vegetables aquaponically in containers at sea.


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Even if you grow in greenhouses…

at some point the greenhouse will need ventilation and in doing so, you leave your crop and system especially vulnerable to an influx of pests. How is our system different? We will grow in specially customized containers that are atmospherically controlled to the exact temperature that a specific crop needs and the watering schedule and lighting can also be customized.

One of the biggest reasons we will grow at sea is that when you are on the ocean, further than 25 miles from any coastline – there are no insect pests there. You do not have grasshoppers, cut worms, aphids, horn worms, and cabbage moths, among other insects. We also would not have animal problems such as rodents, deer, rabbit, raccoon, or birds. Threat of chemical drift from neighboring farm fields would also be inapplicable at sea.